Connect to Get Motivated

C - o - n - n - e - c - t

Do you know what is the most common excuse people give for not following their dreams, for not reaching their goals. You may have already guessed it. They say, “I’m too busy,” followed by, “I just don’t have enough time.”  Sounds familiar, right? If you’re like me, you’re a list-maker. But I don’t usually write “practice dulcimer” on my to-do list. It’s more like an after-thought. Mentally I’m saying something like, “If I have time after I finish this list, I’ll pick up my hammers and practice today.”

But the hard fact is, I really do have time. I find time to check for new FB posts, and I make time to read my Kindle every day. Why don’t I practice more? It’s not the actual time to do it that I’m lacking.

Maybe the issue is clarity about WHAT to practice. I know I work better with a deadline in mind. For example, when I’m going to play a solo at church, I practice that hymn (day and night, if you want to know the truth). But when there are no upcoming events, then I don’t have a specific goal in mind and I have to admit … practicing falls off. Radically.

In other words, maybe the key to my practicing consistently could be having a specific goal in mind. So what could I do to overcome this lack of motivation when I’m between events?

  • Look ahead. Go online and find an upcoming workshop or festival. Plan to go.
  • Volunteer. When is the last time we played for the seniors at a nursing home, or in a senior community? They would love to hear the sweet sounds of our instruments. Sign up!
  • Get involved. I wonder if there is a jammin’ group nearby you. If not, maybe you could organize one. I just moved and discovered there is a jammin’ group of dulcimer players 40 minutes away, and two others just 30 minutes away. One of those two groups is quite new, organized by someone because they wanted fellowship with dulcimer players closer to home. If I have time (here we go again with the time excuse), I want to play with all 3 groups.
  • Join. Join the worship team at church. Don’t belong to a church? Join one! Besides the spiritual benefits, you’ll enjoy the fellowship and opportunities to serve.
  • Host. Invite some folks over for a back-yard jam. Make it a potluck get-together. It’ll be fun!

Oh my! I just noticed something. When I looked back at the list I just dreamed up, I noticed that my clarity about WHAT to practice and my personal motivation hinged on connecting with others. That wasn't the direction I expected this newsletter to go! (The original title was "Get Specific.") But now that I think about it, it's a fact that the Lord has HARDWIRED us to connect with others.  So let's get connected. Connect to get motivated. It will change your practice habits.

Happy dulcimering,



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