Create a Portable Practice Space


Once you have established the perfect practice space in your home, it becomes difficult to envision practicing anywhere else. However, life occasionally necessitates being away from your designated space for extended periods of time (Steve can vouch for this!). In such situations, it is crucial to maintain your hard-earned and well-established practice routine. This is where the concept of a portable practice space comes into play.

Whether you find yourself needing to practice at work, school, or even at the home of your in-laws, it is essential to ensure that you can carry your practice essentials with you. These essentials may include:

  • Your practice journal
  • A metronome
  • Your tuner and wrench (for hammered dulcimer players)
  • Your dulcimer (obviously
  • Your tabs or sheet music
  • Your picks or hammers
  • Your capo
  • Everything else I didn’t think to include here

You might be able to get along without your dulcimer stand on a trip. Mountain dulcimer players could just balance their dulcimer in their lap. I’ve been watching videos of a group of hammered dulcimer players at a bar in Ireland, just balancing their dulcimers on the table tops. But if you are able to carry the stand along as well, it will add to your comfort.

Granted, practicing outside of your familiar space is not ideal. However, if you wish to sustain your progress and stay committed to your routine, it is imperative to adapt and learn how to practice in different environments. Even if your progress may not be as significant, by practicing away from your designated space, you will keep the momentum of your musical journey alive.

Remember, there should be no excuses for neglecting your passion for playing and practicing!

Happy dulcimering,



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