In Memoriam

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by Steve Eulberg

This is a first.

We learned of the passing of Dan Delancey, the husband and guitar accompanist of our instructor, Linda Thomas at the time of his internment service in Missouri on All Saints Day this week.

He was, hands down, my favorite bluegrass guitarist.  He was also a master of backing up other instrumentalists, specifically his hammered dulcimer playing partner, Linda Thomas.  I even got to sit in on one of his flatpicking workshops at the Jackson County Community College at a weekend festival in May of one year.  His fluid and tasteful solos are what made me a fan.

Why this matters for DulcimerCrossing is because and he and Linda came from Missouri to my house in Colorado where he accompanied Linda on some of her hammered dulcimer lessons at DulcimerCrossing as they were filmed in my first basement studio.

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Linda and Dan came and taught and performed at the 2nd Annual Colorado Dulcimer festival, but I had known them for sometime before that.

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I'd first met them at Missouri Town 1855 in Western Jackson County, Missouri (pictured above) where they were providing period music as part of the living history experience.  

We all taught and performed at several of the same festivals: Esther Kreek's Heartland Festival, Westin, MO, Southwest Missouri, Joplin, Ozark Folk Center, Mountain View, AR, Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, the Palestine Old-time and Dulcimer festival in Palestine, Texas, Glen Rose in Texas, and SO many more....

Here is Dan's Obituary.

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It is always sad to bid a friend, and a musical friend in particular, a farewell. 

So, until I can cross the river and pick with you, Dan, have a terrific time backing up the Angel Band.


Steve Eulberg



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