Enough with the QUICK FIX


In today's fast-paced world, the desire for quick fixes permeates every aspect of our lives. Whether it's in our quest for physical fitness, mental well-being, financial stability, or being able to play our dulcimers … the allure of immediate results often leads us to look for shortcuts and temporary solutions. However, too often these quick fixes are just Band-Aids

For example, when I am practicing and come across a section that is difficult (usually my own fault, because I “write” all my own arrangements), I tend to simplify. I abandon the difficult run, the problematic lick, the complicated arpeggio, and TWEAK. I simplify, paraphrase musically, untangle my hammers, and keep moving forward.

I have even recommended this quick fix in many newsletters … in an effort to keep you moving forward with your music rather than giving up. But how am I going to move forward in my musical development or advance my skills if I always take the easy way out with a quick fix?

The old adage "Rome wasn't built in a day" holds true for not only our musical advancement, but also for most other aspects of life. Real, meaningful change takes time. It demands effort, consistency, and the willingness to face setbacks and learn from failures. By embracing the value of patience and persistence, we can achieve goals that are not only gratifying in the short term but also sustainable in the long run.

It’s time to say, “Enough with the quick fix.” If you have noticed this tendency to take simplifying shortcuts in your own practice sessions, let’s resolve to invest the time, energy, and concentration to build skills that will take us to the next level in our playing.

Happy dulcimering,



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