Jam Tracks added to the Backing Tracks Library


by Steve Eulberg

Jam Tracks added to the Backing Tracks Library

There have been several updates that we've been making to the Backing Tracks Library in DulcimerCrossing this past year.  In addition to NEW TRACKS, we've added the description of the track so players know whether there is an introduction or not, and how many times the track is repeated.

As I have spent more time in this library, it is clear that several of our tracks are aimed toward LEARNING and others are aimed at JAMMING.  What do I mean by that?

Let's compare:
This LEARNING track (at the top of the page) is listed as a learning track with Fiddle as the instrument focused, with the traditional "potatoes" intro and 2 times through.

This JAMMING track, just below the one at the top of the page, is listed as a Jam Backing Track, which comes from the 2nd CD from my duo (Fiddle Whamdiddle) called Not My Monkey.  This features hammered dulcimer and fiddle in a more live playing session, with both instruments alternating, sharing melody, backup and harmonies.  

ALL of our tracks can be sped up or slowed down using the 1x marker on the track itself.  (Click to make it go faster.  Click the right number of times and it will circle back around to slower before returning to 1x)

BOTH of these tracks can be helpful for learning and getting up to speed with playing tunes, either with music and tablature or by ear.  They provide an "instant, non-critical band" which can be stopped, started and repeated to match our skills, comfort and abilities...without EVER getting annoyed or weary of us!

I've been burying the lead, here.  As of yesterday, ALL of the tunes from our duo's debut release Old School Old Time (pictured above) are now added as JAM Backing Tracks to the library, on the same page as the LEARNING tracks!

1.  Sandy Boys
2.  Liberty
3.  Blacktail Weasel and the Ground Squirrel Clan
4.  Ragtime Annie
5.  Miss McLeod's Reel
6.  Peekaboo Waltz
7.  Spider Bit the Baby
8.  St. Anne's Reel
9.  Barlow Knife
10.  Spotted Pony
11.  Higgedy Jig
12.  Fisher's Hornpipe
13.  Versuvienne
14.  Golden Slippers
15.  Boil'Em Cabbage Down

Poke around and find the tracks!  Then report in the
which ones you're working with, which ones are your favorites, which ones challenge you the most!



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