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We've discovered that every time we host a day-long event that we end up uncovering and sharing a great many resources.

Here is what we want to share with everyone from the 4 Equidistant Dulcimer Day 2024:

Youtube Playlist 4 Equidistant

We had a breakout room during the midday lunch/conversation/sharing time which included people who wanted to explore the DPN Archives with Stephen Seifert.

Click here to see some of what they found:   

DPN ARCHIVES 4 Equidistant

Another breakout room listened to tracks from the recordings of Janita Baker, whose 4 Equidistant tunings have pioneered the playing of Ragtime and Blues on mountain dulcimer.  This led to to the compilation of this playlist:

Spotify Playlist 4 Equidistant

And we began to compile a list of all the 4 Equidistant String dulcimer players that we know about.  This is not an all-inclusive list and if you know of someone who should be added here, just reply to this blogpost!

Players, past and present •

Aubrey Atwater: https://www.atwater-donnelly.com/ •

Barbara Truex: https://barbtruexmusic.wordpress.com/ •

Bradley Ellis: https://pickersparadise.org/winners/bradley-ellis •

Brian Bohlman: https://brianbohlman.com/ •

David Schnaufer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Schnaufer •

Donna McClary-Derrick: https://donnamcclaryderrickmusic.com/ •

Gail Rundlett (Finnie): https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063276185234 •

Grant Olson: https://www.grantolsondulcimer.com/home •

Heidi Muller: https://www.heidimuller.com/ •

Howie Mitchell: https://folkways.si.edu/howie-mitchell •

Hunter Walker: https://www.mcotmf.org/hunter •

Jan Hammond: https://janhammond.net/home •

Janita Baker: https://www.bluelioninstruments.com/jb.html •

Jean Schilling: https://dc.etsu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=5673&context=etd •

Jerry Rockwell: https://jcrmusic.com/ •

Jim Fyhrie: https://www.last.fm/music/Jim+Fyhrie/+wiki •

Jonathan Schultes: https://www.youtube.com/@jonathanschultesdulcimer/featured •

Ken Bloom (?): http://www.boweddulcimer.org/index.html •

Kevin Roth: https://kevinroth.org/about-me/ •

Leo Kretzner: https://www.leokretznermusic.com/ •

Lorraine Lee Hammond: http://www.lorraineandbennetthammond.com/lorraine •

Maddie MacNeil: https://www.bluelioninstruments.com/Maddie.html •

Mark Tindle: https://tindlemusic.com/pages/marks-bio •

Marsha Harris: https://marshaharrismusic.com/ •

Mike Casey: https://www.allmusic.com/album/hourglass-mw0000177677 •

Mike Clemmer: https://clemmerdulcimer.com/ •

Neal Hellman: https://gourd.com/hellmann.html •

Pam Weeks: https://pamweeks.com/ •

Sam Rizzetta: https://samrizzetta.com/ •

Shelley Stevens: https://www.melbay.com/Author/Default.aspx?AuthorId=38249 •

Stephen Seifert: https://www.stephenseifert.com/ •

Sue Carpenter: •

Susan Trump: https://www.susantrump.com/ •

Steve Mayfield: https://www.discogs.com/release/22951856-Steve-Mayfield-2-Jeff-DotyCeltic-Card-Tricks •

Thomasina Levy: https://thomasinalevy.com/ •

Wendy Songe: https://www.wendysonge.com/

and Here are a list of the Books we know about for 4 Equidistant Dulcimer Playing

Books for 4-Equidistant Dulcimer Janita Baker has several books for 4-Equidistant Dulcimer:

Janita Baker has several books for 4-Equidistant Dulcimer: https:// www.bluelioninstruments.com/books_cds.html

Lorraine Lee Hammond “The Magic Dulcimer”: https://www.amazon.com/Magic-DulcimerLorraine-Lee/dp/0938756095

Lorraine Lee Hammond “Barley Break”: https://www.amazon.com/Barley-Break-ElizabethanArrangements-Appalachian/dp/0938756389

Mark Tindle “Sweet Hour of Prayer” has arrangements for 3-and4-string dulcimer: https:// tindlemusic.com/products/sweet-hour-of-prayer-songbook

Sue Carpenter “Heliotrope Bouquet” is entirely for 4-string dulcimer: https://folkcraft.com/ products/sue-carpenter-heliotrope-bouquet-1310094 

Mike Casey “Hands On Dulcimer” has a section for 4-String and 5-string configurations: https://mcspaddendulcimers.com/collections/mountain-dulcimer-books/products/hands-ondulcimer?variant=42917973852413

Shelley Stevens “Stephen Foster for Mountain Dulcimer” has at least one tune in DAA#D: https://www.melbay.com/Products/96543M/stephen-foster-for-mountain-dulcimer.aspx

Aubrey Atwater’s “Song By Song” books include 4-equidistant arrangements: https:// www.atwater-donnelly.com/shop.htm#Song-Song-II

Neal Hellman’s “Dulcimer Chord Book” includes a section for 4-equidistant: https://gourdmusic.square.site/product/dulcimer-chord-book-/102

Sam Rizzetta’s “Moonlight on the River” record and book feature mountain dulcimer: https:// samrizzetta.com/contents/moonlight-on-the-river-tune-book-iv

Enjoy poking around and let us know what YOU uncover!

Steve Eulberg & Erin Mae Lewis



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