Mind Mapping


There’s a new (to me) buzzword … mind map. A musical mind map is a diagram that represents the aspects of a tune you are learning. It can include the structure (Parts A & B), chords, melody line, lyrics, history of the tune, and the composer by using colors, symbols, pictures and words.

Simply put, a mind map is a flow chart that can help you learn a tune. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been finding it more difficult to see my music … neither my reading glasses nor my driving glasses help. Rather than spending money on new glasses geared specifically for reading my music, I thought I would just memorize. But, aaaaarrrrgggh, that’s gotten more difficult for me as well.

So I’ve come up with the bright idea of creating mind maps for the tunes I want to retain. But how on earth do you make one? First you need some basic equipment.

  • Old school method … pencil and paper.
  • Not quite as old school method … a dedicated notebook or journal for mind mapping your tunes.
  • A tablet with a note taking app.
  • Coggle It (https://coggle.it) for techy musicians.

I decided to stick my toe in the water and tried “Coggle It” to mind map Boil ‘Dem Cabbage. Here is my first attempt, but I imagine you would add more legs to the map.

What do you think? Could Coggle It be a useful tool for you?

Happy dulcimering,



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