Benefits and Limitations of Different Tunings-Mountain Dulcimer, Part 2

by Steve Eulberg

In the first post addressing this topic, we examined the kind of instrument you have.  Now we'll look at the second point: the kind of music you want to play.

Here are some examples that I suggested that reflect the different modes, that different tunings make possible, or easier to play.
A respondent suggested that I provide sound links for some tunes as examples.
Click on the links to hear and/or see them below:
Ionian (1-5-5, commonly DAA):  Joy to the WorldBarlow Knife
Mixolydian (1-5-8, commonly DAd):  Old Joe Clark,  Sandy Boys
Aeolian (1-5-b7, commonly DAC):  God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
Dorian (1-5-4, commonly DAG):  Drunken Sailor, Scarborough Faire
(Jessica actually uses a capo on the first fret and makes use of the 6+ fret for her arrangement of Scarborough Faire...we'll talk about that in a different post.)




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